Autumnal musings on a damp morning at home

So I missed October.  Not actually, but in writing.  I have excuses though.  A few of them are good (travel! work! really nice weather for getting outside while I still can!), but also a general creeping of laziness, perhaps brought on by loneliness.

Seeing friends here and there over the past several weeks, has been absolutely great.  Hi Lou, Melissa and, especially, Jeff! And Skype, FB chats have also been good, though the technology hasn’t always performed as I’d like.  But there are special people I’m missing, as well as the general friends-in-certain-places vibes (Boulder Beer, Fate, people to go to shows with, and the like). Not that I haven’t been finding pubs that I enjoy, but the conversations don’t always happen. Sometimes they do, of course, and I’m making more of an effort lately (put down the Kindle, make eye contact) to chat.

I’m sure some of it is that I’m closer to being settled here in Ireland- the big “must do this before I can do that in order to actually live here” checklist is mostly ticked off. There are still small annoyances I’ll figure out how to get around, but it feels more real and less like an episodic event/long holiday. Thus less endorphins in general, coupled with less daylight and the not knowing when I’ll see any good friends again leads to wasting more time on the Interwebs and less time actually doing something useful or interesting. Which could still be on the computer of course- working on my French, or blogging for example.  Or going to the gym-even though I’m on the Minto for about an hour a day, I’m not walking enough.  Also not really doing any yoga other than a quick few minutes in the morning. All of which perpetuates the sluggy feeling.

This month, I will attempt a little more outreach, and a little less avoidance. I will visit the National Aquatic center (home of the gym as well as other fun things). Sunday, I finally have a planned gathering with friends of friends from Seattle, so that will be good.  Next week, I have two Dublin cycling events- the regular meeting, and my first volunteer gig, handing out information along a cycle route, though I’m not exactly sure where yet. Then, Dave Matthews Band on Friday! There’s a Climate march/rally next Sunday as well. And following that, a brewer’s meet-up with the Ladies craft beer society on my birthday.  Finally, U2 on the 23rd.  OK, I can see that it’s getting better already!

Life on the job-front has been good, with occasional outbreaks of stress.  This is fine, otherwise, it wouldn’t be called work.  Learning a bunch and working with good people while getting to bike to and fro is pretty sweet actually, even if I do have a validation report to review this weekend. Reminds me of some times at Amgen.  The CO site is officially shutting off the lights on 12/23, though many of the remaining folks are leaving in the next week or so. The shutdown gave me the kickstart to this adventure, so I can’t be too peeved about it. All off to new challenges, but it is still a sad event for Boulder/Longmont.

Ok, shutting down for now- off for groceries in the rain. Hugs to all.


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