The trials and tribulations (and carping, grousing) of being robbed

No need to Facebook this whole thing, but I seriously needed to vent. Figure only the diehard friends/family will click through, so I appreciate your good vibes in advance.  And, since I’m not filling out any more on-line forms as I had planned to do tonight; well, I’m overdue for a blog post.

  • First, my <large banking firm with whom I have generally had great service from> United credit card is here in Dublin-YAY!  (much sooner than expected, thus I didn’t plan for being at home)
  • UPS attempted to deliver to my gated apartment, which they could not access.
    • Therefore, I don’t have a cute “we missed you” slip, which means I don’t have a certain barcode/number which I COULD use to change the delivery on-line to my work address.
  • Hopeful for help, I spent too much time on phone with bank confirming identity. (I get it, but conversation could have been much shorter if he’d have listened rather than following script).
  • To find out that Dublin UPS wasn’t open to calls at this time (which he’d have known if <see above>, because I’d already tried that). I was hoping bank had special contact info.
  • So I have to call UPS in AM, hoping I catch in time to arrange delivery to work Thu. Cause it can’t slip to Friday because I will be at the Embassy trying to get new passport.
  • FOR which, I dutifully complied with filling out on-line forms, which I was going to print and bring with, BUT the on-line forms are not completely applicable to situation. System kicked me out once, saying not eligible for replacement (??!!); and at end of 2nd attempt, asked for the fee to be paid. Which I already knew I’d have to give in person to Dublin Embassy cause I have no freaking credit cards!!  In the form of cash or postal order, which I have to leave work earlyish in order to obtain, cause bank hours are weird here.
The good thing is that most people have been extremely kind and helpful.  From the pub manager and the police in London, to the folks at both airports that let me fly (hint-always have color photocopy of passport details page in all bags) and back into the country.  To my friends, and colleagues at work.  I’ve been given cash to get by, and offers of rides, or support as necessary, until I get back into the modern card/credit, trust-based world.  And so many stories of similar unfortunate experiences to make me feel less stupid-it happens to everyone, some people are just professional criminals….  And a really helpful, friendly customer service call to my current mobile phone company last night, ALMOST balances out today’s frustrations.
I just have to remember that it’s just stuff, just bureaucracy, just a matter of time to right.
I’m really lucky.
OK, thanks for letting me vent. Well, you didn’t actually let me but, I needed it anyway.

2 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations (and carping, grousing) of being robbed

  1. Oh, you poor thing! What a giant pain in the ass. I’ve had my purse stolen a couple of times, and it’s a huge hassle, even right here in the US. Vent away! And you’re right, of course, it is just a matter of time before it’s all righted, and back to normal. 🙂

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  2. I hope things are righting themselves now; losing valuable paperwork is so, so incredibly hard to replace. I look forward to seeing more posts, I’m really enjoying your blog!


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