More on the just shy of a month post

Wasn’t sure how those photos would post but there we are.

Today was a bank holiday, last one of summer, and the weather cooperated, so life is good.  It’s hard to express how good the sun feels on the skin when it’s been missing.

My apartment is close to settled, though I need to acquire spices and the like; not to mention figuring out how to pay water and electricity. And rent; since I can’t add payees to my on-line banking without the security code that was sent to my now, non-existent US mobile. Ah well, will sort next week.

So today was  therefore, flexible, with no agenda.  Biked into city center via Phoenix park which was lovely. And then had to cross town via the quays along the Liffey…some scary moments but it has to be done if one wants to cycle for transport.  Roundabouts suck even in the park when people expect cyclists.  However, downtown, there are plenty of streets with bike lanes, bike signals and just plain mass.  The bus lanes are also bike lanes, and it’s nice to be able to read the real-time updates about which bus is arriving when, so I knew when to just get outta the way vs the next bus won’t be arriving for 12 mins so busta move!

Too many experiences, conversations to convey….upshot is: I am enjoying the heck out of this place and these people (weather being an exception, but for today). People have been lovely; helpful and kind, and at work, more so.

More posts later on culture and language.  Ah, the words and sounds…so many twists and tweaks.


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