First week with my Minto

Minto: so the bike is mint green, my first car was a Pinto- what else could I call it?

From the hotel, cycling into work is about 15-20 mins on way in (slightly uphill, depends on lights and weather-related stops to add/remove clothing). The latter of which has been required almost every day, as grey turns to rain, sun to hail (yes, but only for a couple of minutes) and, always the wind. Actually, it’s a lot like CO cycling except it’s cooler here, even though it’s supposedly summer.

Yesterday, I went exploring neighborhoods for the apartment-hunting that is to take place Tue and Wed next week. Included was a relatively short ride through a small fraction of Phoenix park.  Tons of walking, cycling, picnicking, and general nature-bathing opportunities abound. The Phoenix Park at 707 hectares (1752 acres) is one of the largest enclosed recreational spaces within any European capital city.  (2x larger than NYC Central park)

Getting braver on the bike, though I still tend to choose the sidewalks when the road has no bike lane.  Aside from the distinct dearth of cycle parking, many of the routes do have physically separated, marked lanes that are just wonderful.  I even found my first underpass, that turned into an over pass to cross the major circle highway, er, motorway M50.

 IMG_20150718_172628111_HDR IMG_20150718_172518381

Today, more neighborhood explorations, and a bit of shopping.  Most of my clothes are in Belfast, awaiting customs clearance, and the workplace attire here is a bit swankier than what I’m used to.  At least Fridays are casual to the point that jeans are evident; otherwise, not so much.

And, I got hit on this morning for the first time. There’s an international cricket tournament of some sort in town and at least one or two teams are staying at this hotel. While getting breakfast at the buffet (full Irish), an older black gentleman started chatting me up, asking if I worked in Dublin. I told him I’d just started last week and was looking for a place to live. He said he could live with me then, as I am “a beautiful lady.”  It’s very common here for random housemate situations, as housing is not cheap-I’ve been contacted many times by guys (yes, always male) looking to share apartments and houses via an expat web community I joined. I gently said nope, that I need the extra bedroom for my visiting friends.  I asked how his team was doing.  They won yesterday and play a team from Papua New Guinea today; if they win this one, it’s on to the semi-finals.  I wished him well, and went off to eat my breakfast with a smile.


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