Required interactions of the civil and commercial sort

July 9th, First full day. Met with guide (provided by work relo service) @6. In Q by 630AM(!) for doors that open at  @730 at GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau).  Given #27 to be called. Handed over paperwork & passport about 9. Waiting for fingerprints…10:30 now. Blue lights in bathrooms to prevent addicts from finding veins…seems overdone to imagine it would happen in gov’t office, but alas.  Everyone here already has work permit; all have purpose, as Guide put it. Venezuelan, Brazilian, Ukraine, Canadian, Turkish, Iraqi, Fillipino, along with Indian & Chinese as expected. Haven’t heard any US yet. By 1032, have now had all my fingers scanned by optical reader, signed on pad followed by my govt official guy signature. Now to wait for name to be called whereupon I’ll get card and my passport back (never nice handing that off to someone) and then off to PPS office. A few Americans called, while I was waiting.
Walked out 1116 with magic card (which permits me to stay longer than the 90days typically afforded of Americans).  Many people in line were of various nationalities that require different visas in order to stay.
Now (noonish) in Q for PPS (this is equivalent to social security) number @Intreo office. Bank appointment needs to moved out till later in afternoon.  Also longish Q. Gatekeeper dude helped immensely by sending folks away who were unprepared or suspicious (girl with 2 big guys saying she needed it for driving, but apparently not). More photos and security questions. He wasn’t so pleased with my hotel address, but having my work contract printed out helped. Walked to bank of Ireland in Old parliament bldg. Bank lady also not pleased with hotel address letter, but was in sympathy simply because of the catch 22- Need bank account to get apartment lease. Oh, but, need address to get bank account… Circle as you wish.  She agreed to use my US address, as I still own my condo and I had proof of such.
Celebrated with guide at lunch in a Temple bar pub. Irish beef burger & pint o Smithwick’s pale. Live (classic Irish tourist favs) tunes at 1500, which is shortly after we sat down to my first real food of day.   Good conversation- I passed her test on the american gun craziness question…And she was helpful on my pronunciation questions.  More on the language later- a topic of much thought!
  • Next up-  going back to work happiness.  Is that weird?

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